June 3, 2006

Hey, I Didn't Know This Clutch Ball Was Creative Playthings...


Some younger sibling of mine got this--and then passed it along to the others, and I vaguely remember drawing it at some point.

But I never remembered that it was by Creative Playthings. Of course, I'm finding that what Creative Playthings did/made/sold that I don't know about could fill several weblogs. Those folks were amazing.

Anyway, it's rare new old stock [i.e., never been sold, still in the box], and is being sold on ebay right now, opening bid is $1.99, but shipping is a fairly steep $8.95. There are some other NOS pieces from Creative Playthings, too, so if you could combine shipping, it might be a nice get.

Creative Playthings Baby Clutch Ball A9060 [ebay]


I think I saw something just like this at Petsmart.

I thought so, too. Turns out we were right.

what do you mean "were"? They have a store right near my office.

[the CP today a fine company, I'm sure, but it's focus is on playground equipment. And it is several corporate acquisition/divestment iterations away from the CP that existed from the 50's through the early days of CBS ownership. -ed.]

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