June 2, 2006

Thanks To The Daddy Types Advertisers Who Don't Hide In Their Gated Mansions

But instead, mingle among us, their endearing target audience, and invite us to commune with them right. over. there. in that sidebar. If you're craving a bit of starworship or box office attention from daddytypes' readers, click here, or have your people call my people, and we'll set something up. Or if you'd like to reach even more dads and dads-to-be and the people who love them, take a look at advertising on the Dad Ads dadblog network.

Meanwhile, thanks this week to:

  • The Shops At Celebrity Baby Blog, outfitting babies from Malibu to Namibia since just a few weeks ago.
  • Sparkability, not only tipping us off to new, suh-weet stuff for modern kids, but letting us buy it as well. Their current poster child-product: the insta-classic Nest bassinet from Ooba.
  • PhotoWorks, because with a baby as cute as yours, you really oughta do something with all those pictures you've been taking. It's not fair to hold back.
  • Mimmo, purveyors of fine, fun, design for kids, like the Oeuf crib and dresser featured here.

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