June 1, 2006

See? Cariboo Cares. So They Added A Bassinet Changer


Thanks to our trusty Bugaboo bassinet, we missed the whole bassinet-as-furniture boat, but I can appreciate me a Cariboo Bassinet all the same. [Even if it does remind me a bit of the hotel luggage racks that were my only friends during my road warrior days. Or this clothes-drying rack we had when I was little. Come to think of it, there's one in Goodnight Moon... Let's praise the "evocative styling" and move on, shall we?]

Now the foldable, portable [migrating?] Cariboo just got a little more space-use-efficient. They've introduced a fabric changing table attachment that stretches taut across the top of any Cariboo frame. Nice, especially for you New York City types who're setting your kid up in a walk-in closet.

Cariboo Bassinet Changer, $119.95 at sparkability
[sparkability via dt reader/advertiser/gear guru mark at, of course, sparkability]

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