June 1, 2006

LOLOL Namibia Is For Lovers T-shirt


I will have little to say about doings in Namibia here on daddytypes, except to point out that this "Namibia is for Lovers" t-shirt is $15.99 plus shipping.

Also, the operative word in the description is "sheer," so unless you want to look like you're smuggling ferrets under your shirt, this sale is open to chest-waxers only, please.

Namibia Is For Lovers t-shirt [goldenfiddle.com]


My neighbor at work, who is originally from Maryland, always tells us "Virginia is for lovers...Maryland is for crabs." Wonder what the African equivalent would be for that one?

[alls I know is, I ain't touchin' that one at. all. -ed.]

Oh miracle of miracles! You could solve that hairy chest problem and wear sheer shirts to your little heart's delight. Find out how here:


[um, thanks? -ed.]

hey, that's reall nice T-shirt

Hey world! I found out I was pregnant in Swakopmund Namibia... I have Brangelina to thank for putting it on the map. Would this shirt make a nice father's day present (for a non-waxing guy)? Sadly, I'll have to wait for the Namibia is For Lovers mug or tie.

Namibia is for lovers...Zimbabwe is for syphilitic dictators?

Namibia is for lovers...Zimbabwe is for syphilitic dictators?

[I'm sure that after the NGO softball games, they develop a whole "with the punctuality of the Italians and the humor of the Germans" routine for Africa. -ed.]

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