June 1, 2006

Cold War Era Folding Rocker By Niko Kralj

rex_rocking_chair.jpgThe Rex is a line of folding chairs designed in the early 1950's by Niko Kralj [remember, the beauty of buying it online: you don't have to pronounce his name] as the Slovenian Yugoslavian [Tito lives!] counterpart to the Eameses molded plywood furniture revolution.

According to DT reader [and apparent pinko] Gerald , who opted for the Rex over the Eames Rocker ["didn't seem like it would be all that comfortable for extended late nights"], "It worked surprisingly well for rocking the kid, and folds flat if you need the space. And it has that 50's "Neue Slowenische Kunst" appeal. Don't think DWR has knocked it off in the rocker form... yet."

Hate to break it to you, Gerald, but not only did the Eameses' side win the Cold War, but Yugoslavia's now Slovenia, DWR has gone rummaging through the archives of the Mvsevm von Slowenische Kunst and has thoroughly co-opted the Rex in the name of consumer capitalism. ["yeah, capitalism!"] The Rex Rocking Chair sells for a cool $198. And as if to rub the whole "You'll all be working for me someday" thing in the Soviet Union's face, the chairs are being made in Russia and finished in Slovenia.

If you're quick, and you want a taste of that vintage, 50's Slovenian craftsmanship, though, check out the Rex Rocking Chair for sale on ebay right now [ending Jun 4 at 1400PDT]. The opening bid is $199.99.

Rex Rocking Chair by Niko Kralj, $198 [dwr]

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The rocking chair has been unavailable for a while--I've been looking for a year! Please post if you know how I can get one!

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