May 31, 2006

Only A Few Hours Left To Get That Discount Mountain Of Huggies From Amazon

If you like Huggies, the Amazon $99/30 deal is the kind of thing you'll like. Their promotion, which includes a $30 Amazon credit for a $99 Huggies & stuff product purchase, ends today, 5/31.

Me, I'm taking a pass. For whatever reason, my kid's a Pampers kid. We're still laid out by the stomach flu in SLC, but we were mooching my sister's Huggies. Within a day, the kid's butt was red and sore, and she had a blowout. Whether it's the shape of her butt or the different way the liners absorb and wick away moisture, the kid just cannot do the Huggies. Just one of those things you pick up along the way, I guess.

Huggies $99/30 deal at Amazon, through 5/31 [amazon]


Ditto on the Huggies v. Pampers issue. Huggies always mean blowouts and leaks for our little girl. I've heard Huggies work better for boys, though.

From day one, my kid had problems with the Huggies too; not enough elastic in the back, leading to nasty upward poo explosions. We use cloth now...a little more effort, but the poo stays where it's supposed to.

Hurrah for cloth! MAXMOM - I was starting to think I was the only one out there who was eshewing the whole huggies vs. pampers debate in favor of some kick ass chinese prefolds. Go us!

If you hadn't ordered them by the time this post went up, don't bother. I've told this story ad nausem, but the last time Amazon had the Huggies promotion, we ordered on the last day of the month and it took 5 WEEKS to get our diapers which is like, I dunno, 100 years in diaper time. We chose the free shipping option, which is the only thing that makes the deal worth it -- saved about 60 bucks -- but that meant they waited until they could ship everything together. I don't know if the shipping time is better if you order early on, but I will think twice before going that route again.

We have a boy and are also a Pampers family. The swaddlers were definitely my favorite. Now we're onto the Cruisers. But man, I miss those swaddlers. We tried every kind out there during the first couple of months; Huggies, Luvs, BabyTrend, etc. The Huggies are plasticky-feeling and a lot more narrow than the Pampers. Even with our boy who has always been small for his age, the Huggies ride up too high on the hips and leak through constantly.

We're a pampers family too. Same issues with Huggies (except the Overnites, which fit fine and don't cause a rash). Alas, it looks like the "new and improved" Pampers Cruisers are causing us problems. We got a package of the new ones and the rash was almost immediate. It went away within 48 hours of returning to the old ones. It seems to be impossible to tell whether a package is old or new, though the smaller packages have a small clue. Packages of size 4s that contain 31 diapers are old. The new packages of size 4s contain 30 (and are sold for the same price, of course).

The pampers deal is back this month (June), $30 off $99, I've always found that amazon ships quickly. Sometimes a day or two, sometimes a week, but not longer. Oh yeah, there is also a 7th Generation offer this month, $20 off $99.

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