May 31, 2006

No Mystery Here: Water Birth Photoset on flickr

water_birth_mysticism_now.jpgCongratulations to Joshua and his parents, who all met face to face during Joshua's water birth in Michigan. The whole thing--or pretty much the whole thing--is presented in all its demystified glory in his parents' flickr photoset, mysticism_now.

While I can follow along the birth process pretty clearly--seems pretty stress-free, actually, which I've heard about water birth in general-- a more expert mind than mine is needed to decode Joshua's Vedic Chart.

The Birth, mysticism_now [flickr via robotwisdom]


Apparently the Vedic Chart is some sort of Hindu Astrology

I had a waterbirth with my first, it was an amazing experience, much much easier than my two induced with epidural hospital births that followed. Not sure I would put up those pics on Flickr for the whole world to see though!

[though when there's such a fine, double-lobed placenta as theirs, I imagine it's hard NOT to show off just a little... -ed]

Yeah, can we discuss the placenta for a second? I am all for natural births and I don't even get (too) squeamish when I think about people burying them in the yard or what have you. But maybe that photo shouldn't have been public.

They cook and eat the placenta in some cultures... now that's a little over the top than a placenta tree.

Since the OBGYN for our two kids is a good friend of ours... he showed me the placenta in detail. I remember it being cool, but that was right before the 4 months of no sleep...

Did you notice the water before and after... icky

I'm thinking about water birth for my 2nd child...
posting the photo would be optional!

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