May 28, 2006

Once You Have Black Crib, You Never Go Back

bratt_decor_black_dick_crib.jpgLast summer the LA Times called a trend: "Black is a hot color for cribs," they said. So hot it burned up before it made it to Las Vegas, I guess, because I never heard jack about black.

But I just came across the Dick crib, and I confess, I couldn't stop staring. Whether you're talking about frilly carvings, curved rails, finials, or decorative cutouts, all the extraneous stuff has been trimmed away on the Dick. It's about as clean a design as you can get with a traditional crib. My favorite parts are the solid end panels; we looked hard for a crib like this in any color, frankly, and couldn't find one.

And to see it now, in navy, cherry red, white--or black--almost makes me want one myself. The only problem with the Dick: it's been rubbed too much. "Distressed" doesn't begin to describe how this over-rubbed Dick makes me feel. I can understand how a little rubbing takes the edge off, but it's just not working for me, baby. Can't they offer a fresh, un-distressed version, too? Because if they did, I would say you should definitely get your kid a black Dick right now.

if you're not into the Dick, this black crib from Bassett is just $350 at Target. It's got some Jenny Lind-style spindles on top, but I bet it's just a hacksaw, a sanding block, and a small can of black paint away from a clean, straight edge like the Dick's.
Bratt Decor black dick crib ($627) from the dick collection (as opposed to the jane collection. what?) []
Bassett baby crib, ebony, $350 at []


We looked for a black crib 5 years ago for our first kid- none were to be found. We really wanted to buy the prop crib that little Pubert had in "Addams Family Values", but no luck there, either. (remember it was all black with a sweeeet menacing octopus motif?)
I guess that's what happens when you're ahead of the curve and don't have the budget for custom-made and don't know anyone who works in a Hollywood prop house, eh?

[Ken Adam was production designer on that movie. And on all the awesomest James Bond films. And Barry Lyndon I gots to track Pubert's crib down now, thanks. -ed.]

is it just me, or is the language in this post suppose to be funny? "I would say you should definitely get your kid a black Dick right now."

felix, you must just have a dirty mind.

We have the "black Dick" crib and all I ever hear is "How can you have a black crib? It is so depressing." But who cares, I love it

[I can imagine how they feel; I'm the same way with pink-trimmed castle/wedding cake cribs -ed.]

I spent several hours trying to convince my wife that black furniture in the nursery was the hot ticket. Didn't work. Hey, at least we didn't end up with white.

We would get the same kind of reactions as Nolan from people who would ask us "what are you going to have as a theme for the baby's room?" (Theme? Who knew you needed a theme? Is this some kind of drag show or something?)
When we would reply "black" instead of "Donald Duck" or "Precious Moments" or something similar, we would get some strange looks.

If you don't want the distressed vintage look, Posh Tots has something similar in the Evan, which is still no Dick:

But then, you have to cough up the $119 in shipping. Bratt Decor cribs, Dick or Jane, ships for free.

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