May 25, 2006

Apparently, It's Blocks Week: Arcadia Asymmetrical Blocks

arcadia_blocks_selecta.jpgSometimes it appears by royal decree of the Crown Prince of Norway, and sometimes it just creeps up on you. Blocks Week is the latter.

Arcadia is a set 24 of asymmetrical irregularly cut, curved, arched and cutout blocks made of painted hardwood by the German company Selecta. The catalogue copy for Arcadia says the "possibilities are limitless," and if you're talking about the possibilities for making wobbly-looking arched towers, they're absolutely right. Still, until Frank Gehry designs a collection of building blocks, this is what you got to work with.

Arcadia Stacking Blocks are $39 at Urban Kids Play, or EUR30 at [via babygadget]
Previous Block Week posts: DIY blocks/photo blocks and handmade castle blocks . Also: Tree Blocks--from trees
totally unrelated: God save Norway's future king; Daddy Types' Mutsy Week is the #11 Google result for "Crown Prince Haakon."

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