May 24, 2006

ICFF DT Roundup, Part Two

So where was I? Right, ICFF.

  • ducduc appears to be expanding the brand from just "baby furniture" to "family furniture." They debuted some big kid beds, including a trundle/platform bed [the Fillmore] with a kind of cool snowboard-looking headboard, and a bunkbed [the Crosby "Bunk System"] with built-in bookshelves.

    And then there's the dining table [The Table, no presidential-sounding name] that's meant to actually be used other than on Thanksgiving. It has reversible panels/leaves that go from white[board] to walnut stain. The bench seats can hold booster and high chair modules or nubby miracle fabric cushions, and there's a giant roll of butcher paper on the end. The flatscreen, obviously, goes on the wall adjacent and is sold separately. Very contemporary, very nicely made, perfect for a design-savvy, affluent family with several young children, who eat their meals together--at home. I do not know if such families actually exist, but the nannies of Park Avenue will take to this table like ducks to water.

    [update: MoCo Loco has posted a video demo of The Table; check it out.]


  • I did not see the hammered stainless steel-looking kid's chairs and tables by Finn Stone, no doubt because their cloaking device was engaged. Fortunately, MoCo Loco got a picture [scroll down].
  • Design*sponge also shares a story that I heard, too, about the designer who actually throttled the exhibitor who was showing a knockoff version of his own kid's furniture.

    She's too nice to mention who it was, but I'm not: it was LA retailer Boom, whose booth featured copies of at least three readily identifiable designs already in the market--including a table and a toybox/storage unit. And that's not counting Miniboom, their surreal collection of miniature B&B Italia-knockoff sofas and chairs, all in moody ultrasuede. It's furniture for your kid to sit on when he learns to cut his first rails of formula on the tiny chrome coffee table.

  • Trundle beds: ducduc, sure, but Argington had one, too. These kids all grow up so fast...

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