May 23, 2006

Choochee Who? Netto Discusses Heirloom Book In Child Magazine

choochee_averill.jpgFrom the Many Irons In The Fire Dept, baby furniture modman David Netto has started contributing to Child Magazine.

His first column is about a 1937 children's book by Naomi Averill that he got from his mom when he was little, and which he passed on to his daughter. It's called Cheechoo: A story of an Eskimo boy and, it's the kind of idealist modernist inspiration-type book that they just don't seem to make these days, he says.

There are nine copies on right now, so let's see how long it takes Child's readers to hoover them up.

Meanwhile, if you're planning on reading Netto's piece for free at Barnes & Noble, you better move fast. Child just announced they're abandoning the newsstand to focus their attention on subscription sales. There's always online, though.

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Reality Check: Meredith Yanks Its 'Child' Off the Newsstands [ via fishbowlny]
previously: Netto to launch cheaper more affordable baby furniture line called Cub.


Do magazines really give up on the Newsstand? I would never look at or buy any magazine if I didn't get a free preview on the racks.

Did anyone go to the Netto Collection sample sale a couple weeks ago? Any deals? Surprises? I see that they've almost entirely cleared out the sweet accessories from their online selection. Some of the pieces were really nice. A group of the now-gone stuff could have been called The Cheechoo Collection.

I find this incredibly depressing, especially in light of the recent card I got in the mail informing me that Martha Stewart Kids was not going to be coming anymore... Child and MS Kids have always been the best of the bunch, design-wise. Oh, well.

[don't worry too much about Child. Apparently they have 900k subscribers, but only sell 8k issues from the newsstand. Seems weird. -ed.]

I really like the Netto collection accessories; too bad they got rid of them.

I wonder if that 900K includes the many many free copies available to doctor's offices (including the strap of 6 copies we get every month in my non-clinical pediatrics office).

I'm sure Child is in good shape, but ePregnancy and Bundle have both recently stopped publishing...

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