May 22, 2006

Two Family-Run Baby Food Companies, Both Alike In Ingredients

In fair Brentwood where we lay our scene... &c. &c.

As I predicted last fall
, this West Side of LA Story about duelling organic baby food delivery services founded by two sets of parents is only intensifying. The two companies--Bohemian Baby and Homemade Baby--have different delivery models and pricing, and one's kosher, but otherwise, they seem very similar to this outside observer.

And though there be no Tybalt here on this discussion of the two at The Hip & Zen Pen, there do be at least one--and possibly two Atourinas, and someone named Butterfly, who may, in fact, be using a disguise when she doth protest too much her love for what turns out to be her own company.

Here's what I propose:
1) Company people, don't pretend to be someone else, especially on blogs. Mozzee and gDiapers both monitor and engage in online discussions about their products, and I think they're more credible for it.

2) Honestly, maybe I'm hopelessly East Coast, but the very idea of a Bo Baby-Ho Baby rivalry seems more like a failed sitcom pilot than Sharks & Jets, never mind Bloods & Crips.

3) And speaking of pilots, we know how this'll end, so why not plan a bit, and start filming, so they can turn the rivalry/hatchet-burying/eventual merger into a reality TV show for the FineLiving Network?

1 Comment

Hey, thanks for the post. Gave me a kick in the ass to step in. I finally just stepped in and told people to refrain from unsupportable accusations. I mean they were starting to get into kitchen standards and bacteria!! Maybe I should delete the entire comment thread.

You're right, though, it ought to be made into a TV movie...could be very funny.

[no, keep it as a valuable lesson to us all ;) -ed.]

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