May 19, 2006

How Could That Kid's Father Let--Oh, Right

[via goldenfiddle]

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Britney-free zone, already in progress.


So I was sitting here looking at this, and all I have to say is since when did Red Bull containers get so big? I mean come on!! It's photoshop - and it's not even good photoshop. But it's all the way, LOVE DaddyTypes..

D in Atlanta

[thanks, and it's true, you'd think if the kid were actually pounding red bull, he'd be bigger. And he wouldn't be slumped over asleep in the carseat like that. -ed.]

True. If you are gonna Photoshop it, at least put the can right-side-up.

I would make some kind of leering, chauvinistic, Britney / breast-feeding joke here, but I have too much respect for women in general and those tireless LLL crusaders out there who... oh never mind.

[i know you're a lactivist at heart, jj -ed.]

Reminds me of the time I WATCHED A FATHER FILL A BABY BOTTLE WITH PEPSI. Not yet a father at the time, I still wanted to call the police. Or somebody.

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