May 18, 2006

Tetris Shelving Is Now Available For Flatpack


Don't worry, you can custom-order the hardwood version of Tetris shelves in walnut and ash. They're still gorgeous, with a bevelled face edge, and have open backs and an 11" shelf depth. And they're still nice and expensive [if money's a way to keep score, each block is worth about 650 points], as custom casework usually is.

But just in case that's not your game, the folks at Brave Space have also introduced Tetris Flat, made from eco-friendly birch ply with metal backing in a variety of color finishes. Configure them how you want, they assemble "in minutes," and either attach to each other, hang on the wall, or stand free, your call. These are based on 9" cubes, so the setup above would be H72 W45 D9 and would run you $1,200 [$120/box x 10].

Tetris Shelving [ via landliving]

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