May 17, 2006

Hey Boy, You Look Mighty Short In Them $100 Jeans

7fam_jeans.jpgUntil just the other day when I posted one damn thing about Von Dutch [the original racist pinstriping genius, not the faux white trash trucker hat sellout trendoid licensing brand his name has become], I remained dumb and happy about the passions that could be inflamed by the mere mention of a piece of infant clothing.

The result: now I can't really pretend that posting about the booming business in $100+ denim for babies won't push some buttons. So I'll just say that if your kid has $175 7 for All Mankind jeans and you'd like to post about your experiences with them, you may want to change enough identifying details so that the mob will at least have to do a little work to find you when the revolution comes.

And with that, "For Real Babes, Denim Gets Pricey" [wsj via]
Well duh, they're $172. Did you see that detailing on the pockets?? Now where are the 12-24? []

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Whipping out the Eddie Murphy /Mr.T references, sweet. Kinda dates us to the eighties, doesn't it. Ah, back when world was simpler...

[we went to Cleveland so the kid could meet her new cousin, and on a drive through one, um, edgy neighborhood, I actually saw someone squirting a giant can of lighter fluid, onto a grill on the sidewalk. I go, "Now that's a fire!" -ed.]

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