May 15, 2006

Vintage Stroller Dealers

helvetia_stroller.jpg from ouderwetse-kinderwagens.nlFor people who like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing you'll like. Ouderwetse-Kinderwagens is Dutch for "Old-fashioned Strollers."

These vintage rigs from the 30's to the 70's are either in amazing original condition, or have been carefully restored. They're pretty interesting. Most models are from Dutch and Belgian brands, including Mustaerts {aka Mutsy] and Koelstra [who once announced a retro-style stroller, the K73, sort of the New Beetle of strollers. Or maybe the New Thunderbird, since it dropped off the radar so fast.]

Silver Cross and Wilson are also represented, but my favorite has to be this curvy, Swiss-made lowrider from 1959 called the Helvetia. It takes design cues from cars, and it happens to be one of the few strollers actually available at the moment [EUR450].


Think that's a little pricey? Then you won't want to see the price on this even sweeter 1950's Giordani carriage called the Brevetatto, which is in original condition--chrome bumper and all--at Cincinnati Modern gallery for $2,800.

Giordani Bambino Carriage, $2,800 [ via dt reader] [via jan at]


Those would be sweet hooked up as a sidecar on a Vespa.

I am looking for the tray attachment for a vintage stroll-o-chair that I bought at a garage sale. Can anyone help? Is there a place that may still have or manufacture these vintage trays or ones that may fit?

Thank you.

I bought a red & white vintage pram but I don't know the brand. The only symbol on it is what looks like Keebler Elf w/ a leaf/branch pattern around the elf. I wonder if you could tell me anything about it & if so if it has more part's to it?. Thanx so much

i have one contact me at

Hello, i'm Helen.
I'm interested to find a mclaren baby buggy (the--b-01) year 1965.Owen Maclaren panteted the first iconic butcher striped buggy the year 1965.It wan very fashionable these days.I would wish trying to find it because i want to buy it.
I love this buggy and i can't find it nowhere.I have so many memories and i want this also from my children.
Please inform me, i'm waiting for your mail.

Hey did you ever get an answer for the vitage stroller? I have the same one but know nothing about it. Anyone know anything about these?

That Swiss model is a design classic - terrific.

I have purchased a early 50s helvetia stroller taht i am lookin to restore. it is in fairly good condition. does anyone know were i could find parts or recommend someone who could restore it.

I will buy the Helvetia stroller off you

Give me a price


Hi Dennis, I also have an extremly rare stroller. My stroller is in perfect condition, willing to trade?

I have recently purchased a darling stroller/pram that is obviously old. It is made of wood with chrome trim. It resembles the Dutch one you show (though not in as good of shape upholstery wise!) There are no markings on the stroller of any kind, but the tires (with shocks) are eka royal.
Any idea of where I can find info on it? I have google searched and the best resource I see is your site.
Thank you

I own a 1959 Helvetia Vintage Stroller, but mine is red and black body color, like t find out more about it. Does anyone have manufacturer information?

Thanks in advance

If I send you a picture of a brevetatto stroller would you be able tell what I have ?

I have no idea. If you already know it's a brevetatto stroller, then you don't need me. If you mean, how much is it worth, put it on ebay and try to find out. These things don't need to be mysteries anymore, but expect to find a big gap between some antique dealer's retail asking price and what you are able to get. Good luck.

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