May 11, 2006

Spinny Cabinet

colombo_trolley.jpg spinny_cabinet.jpg
In 1970, Joe Colombo introduced the plastastic trolley called the Boby. It's perfect for your Ice Storm-themed nursery, and not just because it doesn't conduct electricity. [if you don't know what that means, see the movie or read the book.]

Colombo died in 1971, but last year, under the direction of Ignazia Favata, Joe Colombo Studio introduced the Spinny Cabinet, which is produced in It'ly by the Trolley's manufacturer, B-Line. It's comprised of 12 ABS drawers of varying depths that rotate around a central spine on the aluminum frame, and it's available in freewheeling or wall-mounted versions. There's definitely a spinning drawer symmetry here, and they're both available in red, black, and white, though the Spinny's available in blue, and the Trolley comes in orange.

No word on whether you can move the drawers around (all the pictures show the small-to-large configuration only, but if you could put a big diaper drawer or two up higher, this could really be sweet for a nursery. Otherwise, just let the kid dump all their stuff in there and spin it closed. It'll only take a couple of pinches before they learn to keep their fingers clear.

The H21" x 16" square-ish Trolley's rolling up to your door for about $299, via Meanwhikle, the Spinny is $699 shipped in the US via hivemodern, and EUR459 +shipping in the EU/Portugal via Vestigio. $/Euro arbitrageurs will want to factor in VAT refunds and shipping a 50"x30" piece of furniture on their own.

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