May 9, 2006

All Genki Hats Come In Child & Baby Sizes, Too. Including The Evil Panda Hat.


Now that it's been proved that pandas are evil, and the only reason we love them so is because we've been manipulated by their publicists, shouldn't you rethink your previous decision not to buy your kid a custom, hand-sewn evil panda hat from Genki Hats?

That way, your kid will stand for truth while looking so adorable you could eat him for breakfast. Bad choice of phrase, considering the last post...

Genki Hats has dozens of anime character and anime-inspired hats, all handmade, in adult, child (2-5 yo) and baby (0-1.5? yo) sizes for $20-30. The evil panda hat, located in the original hats section, is $30. []

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