May 8, 2006

Crazy Man Prompts Bill Banning Private Ultrasound Sales In CA

So apparently some looney tunes in Hollywood bought an ultrasound machine for his house so he could check out the ol' fetus any time he wanted, and now some California state legislature has introduced a law that would restrict ultrasound sales to anyone who is not "a licensed medical professional." Or who runs a fetal keepsake studio in a strip mall near you.

something tells me the powerful fetal keepsake studio lobby is behind this.

Small-Screen Hollywood Production Creates a Stir
[nyt via dt reader jeff]

[update: thanks, and while it is true that a legislator introduced the bill, I actually meant legislature, because I couldn't remember if it was the state senate or the state assembly. (It's the assembly.)]


that seems completely ridiculous to me, considering you can pay, (what?) $99 at any strip mall in L.A. county to see your fetus.

imagine if you have 10 kids, hell, the ultrasound machine almost pays for itself

Greg, erase this comment, but "legislator".

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