May 4, 2006

Finally, Someone Does Some Decent Strollerstalking

Well it's about damn time. Except for that one unpleasant incident involving Geraldo Rivera [which we all agreed never to talk about, right? Right?? So whatr'ya doing clicking on this link, then?!], none of those lazy-ass Gawker Stalkers could be bothered to mention a brand name whenever they spotted a stroller. Until now:

I saw Jon Stewart on Franklin between Greenwich and Hudson holding his Todler [sic] and talking on the phone’Äîsaid something about an apartment. His wife trailed behind pushing a $900, bugaboo stroller their baby inside.
Thank you. Was that so hard? I swear, what do I pay you people for? Now let's talk about proofreading...

Classic Gawker Stalker: Ed Norton, Cradle Robber [gawker, scroll about 3/5 of the way down]
Previously: Stewartstalking, and one episode of being Stewartstalked, actually.
generic Gawker Strollerstalking

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Friday May 5, Hudson River Park: Liv Tyler, MacLaren Techno XT.

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