May 4, 2006

Congratulations To Jack White For Daughter, Consistency

Jack White, of the White Stripes Whites, and his wife Karen Elson had their daughter. And they named her Scarlett.

See, it had to be a red name? But Ruby was never an option? because Jack used to date Renee Zellwegger? And she was in Cold Mountain? and her character's name was Ruby? And-- and I'll stop sounding like a teenager now. And besides, his real name is Gillis.

Detroit rocker Jack White, wife have a daughter [ via trent]
Previously: Who knows? The Jack Whites say they're having a kid.


And he definitely couldn't name her Ruby Gillis, because that's a character in the Anne of Green Gables books. A ridiculously boy-crazy character, who eventually (are spoiler alerts needed for books more than 50 years old?) dies young of consumption.

[since boys never read it, yes, spoiler alerts were necessary. d'oh! -ed.]

Hey, Jack White - or John Anthony Gillis - was also in Cold Mountain. And now he's formed another new band called The Raconteurs and has a fairly popular single on the alternative radio stations called "Steady As She Goes."

Whew, felt like I was channeling Cliff Clavin there for a moment...

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