May 2, 2006

Amazon: Have A Heaping Helping Of Huggies! & Amazon Money!

Hah, it only took me a year to figure out that, with one $99/30 diaper promotion ending [7th Gen], Amazon might be launching a new one around the first of the month. But those sly marketing execs don't miss a trick. They actually started a Huggies promotion last week, on the 24th of April. Still, it runs through May 31.

You know the drill: make a giant $99 order of Huggies products [here's the list of qualifying merch] by May 31, get a $30 gift certificate to use on Amazon starting some time in July. [here are the full rules and details].

Now, the patterns getting pretty clear: Amazon rotates through the major diaper brands and hopes to sell you all the diapers you'll need--until your brand comes back around on sale. Is that how it works for people? Do you end up with enough diapers in the right size that you never see the inside of a grocery store or drugstore anymore? Seriously, what's it like buying all these diapers, people?

Huggies $99/$30 offer on Amazon runs through 5/31 [amazon]


Speaking of diapers. . . if anyone out there is also living close to a Publix grocery store pick up some of their premium generic diapers. Not only do they work well and save you maybe 50 cents a month, they are the only diapers I've found that instead of an elmo or pooh on the bilboard section of the diaper they have a minimalist geometric design. Hey, what's wrong with attempting to brainwash our children's design tastes early.

or you could buy some seventh generation diapers which are free shipping from amazon.

they may be a little more expensive but are better for the child and environment. i'm actually quite shocked to see a huggies advertisement on this site.

[shocked? There's no diaper zealotry around here, just regular discussion of all the alternatives. And it's not an advertisement, just a heads up. (with a typical Amazon commission, but still. Last month it was 7th Gen; next month it'll probably be Pampers.) 7th Gen is better in terms of manufacturing processes (some recycled content, no chlorine), but diapers in an anaerobic landfill just pile up, no matter what. And 7th Gen has crystal gel stuff just like the big boys. (Here's a past post on 'eco-friendly' diapers.) -ed.]

I took advantage of the 7th Gen deal and inadvertantly had them sent to the office.
The owner of the company calls me because he thinks it's part of a project I'm working on. I told him it was - with a completion date in September.

I am doing just what you mention- stocking up with the idea that it's one less thing to hassle with when the baby comes.

[dude, that is hardcore. I actually snagged an extra diaper at Ikea the other day when I realized I'd run out during a 4-hr drive to DC. -ed.]

I did the Huggies deal last time around, but we ordered on the last day of the promotion and it took a full month for the diapers to get here(despite the website saying nothing about running out of stock). This meant not only did we have to keep going back to the store while we were waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting), we missed a good chunk of time when the size we ordered would actually fit. Hopefully we aren't gonna have to go on craigslist to sell a box or 2 of size 3 Huggies Supremes. So the lesson here is if you're going to do the deal, make sure to order early.

I did just get the certificate a few days ago though, so at least that part worked out.

We used to use 7th generation, but they've since changed fasteners (the new ones not holding as well), and seem to be less absorbent (or my daughter is expelling more liquid lately) and didn't cut it for overnight.

If you're worried about environmental impact, I would recommend the gDiapers. While not as convenient as disposable, they are a lot more convenient than cloth, and you don't have to worry about filling up landfills.

We still use disposables for overnight (too scared to try the recommended doubling of gDiapers inserts for nighttime yet), and if we're going to be in the car for a while.

Here's a thought... some people have more than one child and therefore need a lot of diapers. $99 on diapers for two kids, isn't much $. And, no, I only have one child. I'm just capable of seeing outside of the world I inhabit.

[that makes one of us! thanks! -ed.]

Did the Huggies promotion last time, took 2 months for them to "accidentally" cancel 1/3 of the order (who knew that size 3T girls was going to be unavailable to them), took 3 emails and 2 phone calls to get the rebate due to their error. No free lunch.

Love these Amazon deals. I have god knows how many boxes of 7th gen diapers and wipes stashed in various places around the house. And with the $30 rebate--it definitely works out cheaper. Why on earth would you go to a regular store when it can all be delivered to you?

PLEASE check the per diaper price on that Amazon deal. I've found it's not that great when compared to sale price with coupon Huggies at CVS, Kroger, Target, etc.


yea they changed the diapers for a short while then quickly went back to the original style. way too many complaints, and I was one of the complainers.

gDiapers is a novel concept, but in practice it is a scary thought to those with older piping in their home who may one day wake up to a serious plumbing nightmare. a general rule of thumb is if something does not dissolve in water within 30 seconds then don't flush it. try putting one of those 'flushable wipes' in a bucket of water and see how long it takes.

Hey, Ken - gDiapers gives you a swizzle stick for the diaper inserts, and they seem to break down pretty quickly. Our house is 1923, and no problems with plumbing... yet

I did a quick per diaper cost breakdown on the Amazon deal at my blog, if anyone's interested...

[thanks, in the immortal words of Barbie, "math is hard! Let's go shopping!" -ed.]

Baby Cheapskate--surely you have to factor in free shipping and time spent going to the store. That is definitely worth $$$.

With twins at home, $99 worth of diapers really isn't that much!

With 13 months under our collective belt, we're now in the situation of not having a spare box of diapers in the closet for the first time. It's kind of a scary feeling. We'd been buying boxes of diapers since we first found out we were expecting, and picking them up on sale- but we've finally caught up with ourselves.

My biggest problem with buying diapers from amazon- it _really_ screws up "The store you made!" and all the related suggestions. I want reccomendations of CDs, books, digital cameras, etc- not butt-wipes and baby soaps. Boooo.

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