May 1, 2006

If Only There Were A Word For Parents Who Shop At YoyaMart...

Here's an excerpt from this week's "Ask A Clerk" column in NY Magazine, which was an interview with one of the folks from the sweet West Village kids store YoyaMart. The parts I think were inexplicably edited out are in brackets:

NYM: What kind of parent shops here?
Designers or photographers who live in the meatpacking district or Brooklyn. Theyre kind of big kids themselves.

[NYM: Grups.]
[Excuse me?]

[NYM: Grups. They're called grups. Hipster parents who don't grow up themselves. We came up with that, and now pretty much it's as popular as 'metrosexual.']
[Oh, OK. I've just never heard it, I guess. Um, did you want to ask me about what people buy and stuff?]

[NYM: Definitely, what are some gruppy favorites?]
[Well, I don't-- I mean-- well] My favorite is this one guy who buys all the Gloomy Bear stuff for his daughter. Its a teddy bear that has blood coming out of his mouth, but its baby pink. So its still girlie but not so

NYM: Patronizing?
Yeah. A lot of stuff here has a very local, subversive sense of humor.

Ask A Clerk - Lisa Corsillo, YoyaMart [ via dt reader jim]
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