April 30, 2006

While Daddy Types

Originally uploaded by reptilica.
Great picture tagged with fathers and babies and daddytypes.

Reptilica writes that an agency licensed the picture for a Visa campaign. That was a year ago; does it look familiar?

When the kid was that age, I used to cross my legs, ankle-to-knee, and nestle her head in against my knee to feed her. While I typed.


When my kid was that age, I would wedge her between the desk and my body with a pillow and breastfeed her while I drew in CAD.

What kind of a bottle is that? I ask because we've reached that point in my wife's pregnancy where the next big decision is between Avent or Dr. Brown... platex?

[That's an Avent. We used some Avent early on, and tried the Dr. Brown, but ended up gravitating towards the Playtex Ventaire, first the squat ones, then the taller ones. It seems totally dependent on an unpredictable combination of what you prefer and what your kid does best with. -ed.]

Hi Greg- That picture was taken over a year ago and was licensed about a month ago so it should be around soon. They licensed the right to copy the image so we'll see what the come up with... Ben Affleck?

Oh and the bottle is an Avent it's an excellent system... Z

LoL.. I do pretty much the same thing with my daughter while surfing the web at night.

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