April 29, 2006

V Is For Vendetta, That's Good Enough For Me

No word if they do birthday parties, but the two comics who created this Muppet-filled spoof of the trailer for V for Vendetta are currently " seeking representation for Film, Television, Commercial, Stand Up and Writing."

Of course, if you're a new parent, this'll probably just remind you that you didn't even see the trailer, much less the movie, so while you once would've gotten every joke, now it just passes you by.

AND to top it off, now you find out there's an annoying muppet named Zoe, but did any of your dad friends bother to mention that to you when you told them it was on your shortlist? Noooooo.

Steve Scholtz and Low Level Rebel via boingboing]

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Yeah, there's an annoying Muppet named Zoe, and my cousin who had a baby the day before my daughter Zoe was born named his daughter Zoey. And there's another Zoe in our pediatrician's group, born on the same day in the same hospital. What was not such a common name last year is quickly running toward top ten. And we thought it was cool because the only thing David Narter could think to say about it was "Always last in line".

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