April 29, 2006

eBay Watch: Eames Little The Toy Right Now

eames_little_the_toy.jpg eames_little_the_toy_int.jpg

Actually, it's probably Eames' The Little Toy, or The The Little Toy. But it's rare enough that it probably doesn't come up that much in conversation anyway.

That said, there's one on ebay right now, complete and in a remarkably nice, original box. The auction ends May 1 at about 1700 Pacific. With three bids so far, it's $152.

[update; wow. $405.]

So good luck with that, and whatever you do, keep it away from the kids.

CHARLES EAMES THE LITTLE TOY 1952 ORIGINAL COMPLETE SET [ebay, thanks to ebayer heavenmoon]
Previously: I Want An Eames The Toy*
* for less than $150 for a small one, which means I probably won't get one any time soon...

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