April 28, 2006

Mutsy, Michael Schumacher, & Maneuverability


You may have noticed that in his appearance at the opening ceremonies of Mutsy Week, Haakon Magnus Crown Prince of Norway was pushing his Urban Rider across the sands of Mallorca in a straight line. This is no accident.

As the product copy from the UK's Two Left Feet says, (and it's the same at Prams Online, which makes me think it's the official company line), the innovative independently articulated frame, which allows the rear axle and wheels to turn [see the image from 2LF above], helps you "move around pedestrian traffic with the finesse of an F1 driver."

And we all know what tight turning circles those F1 cars have. Be glad it's not the finesse of an Indy car, or you'd only be able to veer left.


Hmm... I'm just wondering how convenient having rear swivel wheels instead of front ones would be? But heck... if it works on the sand and I could live by the beach and use my stroller for walks then it might, just might be worth paying a little extra *wink*

On the other hand, I saw this in a catalog today and think it may be the stroller for the new arrival (I'll have to check it out in person)... the seat kind of reminds me of Buggaboo.

Driving with the swivel wheels at the back sucks. Methinks this Mutsy would be great at the beach, but not much else.

I had a musty 3 Rider let me tell you this thing looked awesome-talk about oohs and ahhs!!!BUT it was the worst thing to manuver,my son almost fliped out of it.The oversized front wheel made turning corners almost impossible it was like driving a truck.
I tried the urban rider in the store and it was not something I would buy it was not easy to manuver either.
The best think about the mutsy was the funseat my son loved too bad it was hard to push-I had to sell it and settled for a P3 and our Zapp since my son now 16 months perfers to ride his tricycle.

We have a Mutsy 3-rider and would not trade it for the world..It looks great and contrary to other comments have never had a problem with maneuverability.

Although on the heavier side, it fits perfectly in the back of a taxi.

Combined with a cabrio car seat, its been great from day one.

The swivel wheels are a pain when shopping, in an out of an aisle requires a handy 17 point turn. HOWEVER.... they sell swivel wheels for a few bucks. You pop them on and have maneuverability of a wide mclaren.
I just popped my big wheels on the front yesterday morning for a quick walk around the lake. I forgot how easy it rolls with the bigger wheels. And I can't get over replying to the "oohs and ahhhs" that they can't get one unless they ship from overseas.
Now go get a bugaboo.

i have this stroller and I LOVE IT!! its awsome, rides very smooth, its the best one ive seen in the store and not even the most expansive

I'm just wondering where a person in the US can get a Mutsy. I'm dying for one. :)

I'm really interested in this 'spider' stroller. Have baby no.2 on the way and drive a mini with a tiny boot space, so I think it would be perfect.
The only thing I'm not too sure about, is if it comes as a travel system. One of the internet sites says it can be used with a car seat, but a local store who are hoping to stock it say no. Does anyone know?

I have heard that the Mutsy spider can be fitted with the Mutsy safe to go car seat.

Spoke with Mutsy importer in the UK - I want a spider and car seat to go with my urban rider (baby due in Oct)

They said they are in testing and it would be some time before the car seat would be available. I am going to get a quinny zapp for now with the maxi-cosi seat (that i can also mount on my urban rider).

I 9 months once baby does not need car seat I wil get a spider and sell zapp so I can have the recline feature.

Not idea but - best solution I can find.


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