April 28, 2006

I Forgot To Tell You: There's No Thursday In Mutsy Week

Yeah, sorry. Non-stroller related travel kept me from my Mutsy duties.

I see that Danielle at Celebrity Babies has taken note of Crown Prince Haakon's Mutsy Week festivities, so thanks for the shoutout [and, of course, for being the heralds for such royal tidings in the first place]. But I am a little shocked, shocked by the prices she mentions--over $1,600 US, or as we say in the biz, 1.8 Bugaboo Units--for US delivery of a Mutsy Urban Rider. Even if you don't get two carrycots, though, the delivered price from Pramsonline.com is almost $1,300.

Yow, you'd have to be the heir to the throne of a random Nordic country to afford Mutsys at those prices.

Considering that they--and other UK stores likeTwo Left Feet--run out of Mutsy to sell you and it's still only 520 ($US950), that is some expensive shipping. And we haven't even asked about VAT, which is another 100 ($182) or so off.

Considering you used to have to go far away to a country where you don't speak the language to overpay like that, I guess what you're really buying is time and convenience and avoiding the annoying hassles of shopping trips to Europe. And can you really ever put a price on that?


when i bought my mutsy from buggyland.co.uk it didn't seem to cost that much. I'll have to check HOWEVER..... ship it as a "gift" and there is no VAT. Just a tip from a Scottish friend of mine.

The price of an Urban Rider is $790 not $1300. And that includes delivery.
We are the cheapest and the only one recommended by Mutsy.

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