April 28, 2006

Baby's Got A Knitted Gun

Originally uploaded by Extreme Craft.
Call me an old-fashioned peace-nik, but I don't think I want my kid playing with guns, even a swell, knitted machine gun by Extreme Crafter Theresa Honeywell.

If the kid did express interest in machine guns, though, I would try and distract her with this knitted jackhammer, the symbol of an honorable profession practiced by the likes of laborers and loyal friends like Barney Rubble.

Now about those embroidered tattoos...

Extreme Craft photostream on flickr [via coolhunting]


Cool toy! :D On the subject of kids playing with guns (albeit toy ones), I'd hold off letting my son play with one of them for as long as possible. He'll get to play with real guns when he's drafted into the armed services when he turns 18, and I'm sure he'll (like me) will be sick of guns. Haha!

Actually its a jackhammer, Bosch makes tools!!!

Huh? Isn't that what the entry says?


[words to live by. inside voices, please. I linked to the gun picture, but showed the jackhammer picture because it's cooler. Actually, the one I'd get first is the knitted tool belt, because call me a snob, but I'd rather have the kid grow up to be a master carpenter than a jackhammerer. Not that it's not a good place to start out, I mean, just saying.. -ed.]

That 'machine gun' in the link is actually more of an assault rifle, maybe a ruger 10/22 or an M-14 -both of which were featured with regularity on that kid's show of yore: The A-Team.

I have mixed feelings about toy guns. When I was a kid, our house was a gun-free zone, but we would make our own from lego, so go figure.

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