April 27, 2006

Maxi-Cosi Cabrio: As Seen On Craigslist!

Just goes to show you what can happen to your ego after you go on The Satellite Sisters. DT reader Mimi sent me the link below with the headline, "THIS is how famous daddytypes is!"

So with visions of Daily Show banter dancing in my head--and nightmares of Mission Impossible:3 press conference loonyfests churning in my belly--I clicked on the email.

Turns out some folks in the Bay Area bought a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, shipped it from Germany, and then opted for a car seat with a base. They're selling their never-been-used Orange Flash Cabrio for $200, which, given the euro (EUR1=USD1.25) and shipping, is a pretty fair price.


And what about my fame, you're rightly wondering? Here it is: "Check out daddytypes.com blog on discussion about the Maxi Cosi Cabrio working with the Bugaboo stroller for more information - it's a GREAT blog!" [Yeah, a great blog for people blowing 2 large on some foreign carseat with no base...]

If you need me, I'll be in my trailer.

BRAND NEW Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat - Works with Bugaboo - $190 (oakland lake merritt / grand) [craigslist.org]
previously: Maxi-Cosi adapters [note: the places we bought in 2004 aren't selling online at the moment.]


Nevermind the fact that it is illegal to use in the US.

Aren't European standards higher than American?

I'm an American living in The Netherlands and Maxi Cosis are the king of car seats here, whether you own a Bugaboo or not. However, I was concerned about its safety because it is not attached to a base, and they are darn heavy.

I live in Germany and there is first off all a base for the maxi-cosi even an iso-fix I don¬Ąt think you have that in the U.S. and yes safety standards are higher in Europe. The only reason why it could be illegal to use is bc there weren¬Ąt tested in the US bc not oficially on sale.

The standards are higher but it is illegal to use a non US seat in the US. Some argue that seats are safer without the base, one less thing to fail.

[yes, it's technically illegal. and yes, it has passed more rigorous/expansive safety testing in the EU. The base/isofix/latch compatible Cabrio is a new option as of last fall, so it was not available for us. We opted for a non-base carrier because we figured that in NYC, a lot of our use would be in taxis, where we would not have the base available anyway. And since the most important thing is not base/latch or not, but that a car seat is properly installed, we just made sure to install it properly. We never thought it was heavy, though. And the hideaway canopy was a total surprise; it rocked. -ed.]

We love our Maxi-Cosi for all the above reasons plus it is compact (are US car seats big so that you dont loose the kid in the back of the SUV?) and in theory will grow with the kid until she is 13 months. Oh, and it saves space in the apartment because it is part of our Micralite travel system.

Someone really should import them.

Our peanut is due in the Fall and we just got a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio and easy-fix base combo from Germany off ebay. It came in only 2 days, amazing! Great seller, and fair price. ,/a>

Sometimes they have the combo up with base, sometimes not.

Have not put it in the car yet, but it fits perfectly on our Quinny Zapp and makes an awesome little buggy, which was the idea.

These are great products (the Zapp and Cabrio) and I wouldn't hesitate buying them. Why don't we have cool stuff like this available in the USA?

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