April 26, 2006

How Is A Manhattan Preschool-Age Child Different From A Washer/Dryer?

A; Good old-fashioned bribes can still get a washer/dryer in.

The influx of young families and rising real estate prices has spurred demand, but many buildings in the city still forbid private washer/dryers. Avoids the allegedly dire threat of "sudsing, they say."

But many stores will happily repack them in refrigerator boxes, and for a few hundred bucks, many supers will just as happily look the other way when the fridges go up the elevator. You suburbanites may now laugh.

The Ultimate Luxury [nyt]


We just moved to the suburbs and I gotta tell you: very few things in my life give me as much pleasure as (1) pulling into my garage at night and (2) doing laundry.

I'm laughing very hard, I assure you!!
Just to rub it in... our new whirlpool duet washer and dryer are being delivered on Friday.

[um, mine, too, only I had them disassembled and put into 40 shopping bags from Barney's. -ed.]

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