April 21, 2006

Only Your Valet Parking Guy Will Know For Sure


You may not be able to fit a Cameleon fleece canopy on a Frog, but now you can put an AMG bodykit on a run-of-the-mill E-Class wagon.

Next up: does shaving your head make you Seal?

AMG Looks, No Substance. An E-Class Wagon for L.A. [jalopnik]

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I don't really see the problem. Sticking alloys and a minor bodykit on cars has been popular amongst us males since the Model T. This is just a classy variant on Pimp-My-Ride.

$3500 seems about right (UK conversion) for a set of big alloys like that, so you're talking another couple of grand for more comfortable sports seats, improved suspension, and the meaner look of the spoilers. Seems OK to me. Particularly given Mercs high options prices.

Of course, Audi have it right with the S-Line kit. Pretty much the same spec increase for $1000, admittedly they have a special on the A4 right now.

[true enough. And before AMG came in-house, there was a long tradition in places like Florida to slap spoilers and AMG bodywork on random MB's, too. But the E55 AMG is/was unique in its stealthiness. Now, every yoga mom in Brentwood's gonna be driving one. -ed.]

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