April 21, 2006

Honda Goes After Brother Market With "Urban" Element


The Honda Element SC concept car has 10 more horsepower, a lowered sport suspension, single body paint, a leather [!] and carpet [!!] interior, and even a choptop. It's apparently the kind of mods Honda wanted to see its slacker-surfer demographic make, only it turns out they don't have any money.

Thus, the SC is targeted at a more affluent, steadily employed market segment who doesn't feel a burning need to go offroad that much. The Honda exec describes it as "urban," and calls it "the city-dwelling, style-conscious brother of the original Element."

But which brother are we talking about here? I thought "urban" was cigarette-industryspeak for "black," [as in "menthols appeal to the urban market.]" And "style-conscious brother who moved into the city" was country club for "gay." Couldn't they just give one to Jay-Z and be done with it?

Honda Element SC: Kowabunga, Dude! The Element Goes Urban [nyt coverage of the ny auto show]
Jalopnik's got all the press release and official photo goodness [jalopnik]


Hey, if 20 somethings are driving Chrysler 300 sedans, this might just work...

Speaking as someone who's decided that you alive is preferable to you dead sentences like "Couldn't they just give one to Jay-Z and be done with it?" in close proximity to the word "gay" are probably not the healthiest of combinations.

There's nothing urban about this planet-warming monster truck. Anyone got some battery acid, I feel a bit of direct action coming on...

[dude, it's still a 4-cylinder that gets 20 mpg. And it took them how many years to finally figure out how to paint this thing? And besides, they're making space in Gitmo for Earth Firsters these days, so be careful. -ed.]

Sadly, even "urbanizing" the Element couldn't save it from being one of the ugliest automobiles on the planet :O)

I think I'll stick with my Vibe... It get's almost 40 miles/gallon and with the gas prices these days I don't think they could pay me to take something that only averaged 20 mpg!

If I were to get a Honda I'd go for the Accord

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