April 19, 2006

In Other Giant-Toys-Take-Over-World News...

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DT reader Debbie Yamauchi was freaked out by giant Elmo, but not as freaked out as when she and her brother saw Optimus Prime in China:
In Kunming, China there stands a 40 ft. statue of Optimus Prime (leader of the the Autobots from Transformers--my childhood hero). It is a magnificant tribute to capitalism/robots/marketing in a very unlikely place.
Check out such photographic goodness in the daddytypes tag on flickr.

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Good to see that someone else has found this statue. A friend visited it some time ago, took some photos and wrote a story for our website, which we published. A couple of people were disbelieving because at the time ours was the only source available, now of course we have you as evidence too.


Check out our story on the statue


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