April 18, 2006

She's Always After Me Lucky Charms

Despite my feeble efforts at concealment, the kid just caught me and asked if she could have some "bright Cheerios," too.


A box-sized squishy Lucky Charms pillow is $14.99, but frankly, kind of weird.

What's even weirder: I don't see marshmallow plush toys anywhere. Wouldn't you buy a cuddly, chewable set of pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers--and blue diamonds! toys for your kid rightthissecond? I know I would.

Squishy Pillow Lucky Charms, $14.99 at Fun To Collect! [funtocollect.com]


man - i had a craving for these during the first trimester and that one box got me over my craving but it got my husband hooked. it's his version of crack. they must put an addictive chemical in their marshmellowy goodness or something. the pillow, however, is just kind of creepy.

Kohls had a bunch of different Food Item pillows a while back: Reese, Lucky Charms, Smartie Roll Pillow. My Fave was the Count Chocula Pillow... I grew up on that stuff. With 8 essential vitamins and minerals... how could you go wrong?

You know that horrible situation where you dream you're eating a marshmallow and when you wake up your pillow is gone? Wouldn't having this pillow or marshmallow plush toys make this tragedy more commonplace?

My mother-in-law put some plush Peeps in Lumpyhead's easter basket. I have no idea where she found them, but they rock.

That header is a LOLer and a classic.

Does anyone know where to find this today? My daughter has had one since she was 1 (6 years) and it might not have survived our move we just did.

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