April 18, 2006

Pregnancy Simulators Grow Up So Fast, Too

pregancy_robot.jpgAnd no, I'm not talking about Katie Holmes.

In January 2005, Regine posted about a Johns Hopkins-designed pregnancy and birth simulation robot that was used to train medical students. It measured how much pressure was being applied where on the fetus's skull, and in the fabric-covered simulated birth canal.

Well, what a difference a year makes. Over the weekend, she posted about v2.0, Noelle, an far more elaborate and sophisticated pregancy robot that can simulate a whole host of delivery complications, all pre-programmable and/or instantly adjustable via wireless.

No doubt the second you buy one, though, it'll go obsolete; they'll come out with a new model, a cute little Pregnancy Robot Nano which fits right in your pocket.

update: uh, yow. Scary Toy Clown has a rather crude but funny tour of Noelle. [via boingboing]


Ironically, Katie Holmes' middle name is Noelle.
Just a thought...

Wait, that looks like my ex-wife...

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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