April 18, 2006

Target Hot Shop Sports Treehugger Stuffbump

I swear, that headline will make sense in just a minute. Graham Hill, the green design guru behind Treehugger.com has just launched a product. It's a wall-mounted, soft item storage unit made of 100% wool felt and recycled cardboard. The...
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Pregnancy Simulators Grow Up So Fast, Too

And no, I'm not talking about Katie Holmes. In January 2005, Regine posted about a Johns Hopkins-designed pregnancy and birth simulation robot that was used to train medical students. It measured how much pressure was being applied where on the...
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Toddlers Dazzle Sony Researchers By Playing With Robot

What is it with Japanese robotics scientists, don't they ever interact with actual children? When Sony stuck one of its little humanoid-shaped QRIO robots in a San Diego day care center, the kids--all under two years old--interacted and "bonded" with...
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She's Always After Me Lucky Charms

Despite my feeble efforts at concealment, the kid just caught me and asked if she could have some "bright Cheerios," too. A box-sized squishy Lucky Charms pillow is $14.99, but frankly, kind of weird. What's even weirder: I don't see...
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All this time, I thought I was the only one, then suddenly, It felt like they were telling my story, right there in the New York Times! You know, the one about being a Chippendales dancer/actor/at-home dad with an artist...
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