April 17, 2006

Unidentified Local Man Models Daddy Type T-shirt


The asphalt grey cotton jersey t-shirt from American Apparel is a fine piece of clothing no matter what's printed on the front of it, as this undated photo of an unidentified local man demonstrates.

Asphalt grey cotton jersey t-shirt, in L, XL, and XXL, $20 including shipping. 'daddy type' silkscreen on the front is absolutely free. [daddytypes]


I'm so culturally oblivious that I have no idea who that is. I'm guessing someone famous?

[hold onto those innocent days. they never last. -ed.]

This is Brad Pitt everybody. He is gorgeous.

[one degree of separation, anyway. -ed.]

I know there are only a few people in the World who would care enough to check the comments - but the guy in the pic isn't Brad Pitt - he's Chris Martin, lead singer with Coldplay, hubby of Gwyneth Paltrow and dad to Apple and new baby, Moses...
and yes, he's cute.

[and here I've been doing some of my proudest work in the comments... -ed.]

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