April 17, 2006

Making The Case For Kidscase

kidscase_kimono_pajama.jpgOne of the great finds from our last trip to Holland was a long-sleeved solid red bodysuit. Long sleeves were hard to find; solid, unembroidered and unscreened and unribboned/unstarred baby gear was hard to find; and non-pastel was findable, but always seemed to require an effort.

The bodysuit we got, though, was from Kidscase, a small Dutch design company, and it was awesome [the kid's outgrown it now. They grow up so fast.]. It had just a little bit of stretch in it, kind of like everything at Banana Republic that one year, but it totally worked. Very cool colors, excellent quality and details. Not particularly cheap.

So I set about tracking down Kidscase here in the US. It's pretty sparse, frankly, and the company's NL website's not much help [it's mostly just a brochure/placeholder for wholesalers.] But I did find some nice pieces at Sons & Daughters in the East Village [35 Avenue A, at 3rd St]. At the moment, their site only has one piece, a seaweed & orange kimono footsie pajama deal. [was $70, then was $49, now out of stock.]

Definitely a line worth taking a look at.

Kidscase [kidscase.com]
Sons & Daughters [sonsanddaughtersinc.com]
Pout and olie bollen have some, too. [poutchild.com, olliebollen.com]


I used to live in Belgium and love kidcase--though not cheap as you mentioned. I think they have some at totshop.com as well.

[hm. don't see it, but I added the link anyway. -ed.]

We love Kidscase. He is wearing a long sleeve one piece that we realized today he has officially "outgrown." Too bad because it is my favorite outfit. In Portland OR you can get it at Polliwog. They have a great selection. Also check out Imps and Elfs. Another Dutch company with clothes that are equally as cute. I will add the tags "daddytypes, kidscase" to a Flickr photo of one of his Kidscase outfits.

psycho baby outta chicago has some of their stuff too. i've touched it in person. it's seems to be really good quality (as it should be at that price).

Added a couple of more photos of the Kidscase outfit from today. He was less than three weeks in the first photos and is nine weeks in todays photos.

Opps--totshop *used* to have it. Anyway--what are you doing wasting your time looking for kids clothes in Amsterdam anyway? You have to go to Antwerp (a short train ride away from Amsterdam) for the really cool stuff.

I'm in the process of opening an online baby boutique and looked into carrying kidcase. It was super hard to get any kind of wholesale info even though like you mentioned that's all their site is for. Love their stuff though, too expensive for me!

I know why is it so hard to find baby onesies in brighter colors with no crap on them. i am in the constant search. Too bad those are about five times out of my price range. I have decided the only way I am going to get what I want is to make it myself. Now if i could just find a pattern for something simple like that. Oh well I still have six months left to find what I want.

Did you guys ever see earth baby organics? They have some plain onesies in cute colors. I'm too lazy to look up the site, but you can google it.

Dear everyone,

It is true the Kidscase website offers little information on us. So much to do, so little time! However, you can find the contact detail of my US importer on it, see also www.puurinc.com. She can provide you with Kidscase (online) sales points. We thank you very much for your compliments on our line.
Merel Verbrugge,
co-owner Kidscase

[thanks for stopping by with the update, Merel, and congratulations. I'm a big fan. -ed.]

My online store, www.pinkgorillas.com, has a great selection of Kidscase clothes -- we love the brand. The clothes are minimalist and modern, well-made and beautiful to look at!

My online store, www.pinkgorillas.com, has a great selection of Kidscase clothes -- we love the brand. The clothes are minimalist and modern, well-made and beautiful to look at!

just saw the coolest kidscase jacket at a store in nyc (lucky wang) but it's $140! a lot to spend on something a kid will outgrow in a few months, but if they made one for adults i'm pretty sure i would have bought it.

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