April 16, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: Special Baby Roadies Edition

bukowski_babywit.jpgZac and Matt are both dads-to-be who were shocked--shocked!!--to find that, now that they've finished inseminating, the Baby Industrial Complex has no use for them. So they launched a blog called Baby Roadies. [The term comes from Henry Rollins; the boys are fans.] This special edition of Other Daddies Typing is an incomplete roundup of the highlights from their site, which has turned me into a Baby Roadies Groupie:

  • Where's the 'Mute' Button?": Did Steve Jobs' boys leave a severed rocking horse head in someone's crib? Because ipodmybaby.com is now ipopmybaby.com. BTW, there's no 'mute', but Jason's version does have a 'nap' button.
  • Above: Bukowski silkscreened on a Onesie? [Or is it just a bodysuit, since Onesie is a trademark of the Gerber Childrenswear Corporation and &c. &c.] Either way, I don't think that's milk in that bottle. [babywit.com]
  • Baby Shower Blog-cum-registry: In order to "register" for off-the-grid items like the John Lennon nursery bedding, for example--Matt pulled some automated ebay searches into a blog; people who bought stuff just left it in the comments section. Nerdy, true, but it beats getting shot by another baby daddy.
  • Prep yourself before you even have the discussion: "Of course, honey, a castle of Bud Light cases makes a great nursery." [babyroadies have a flickr pool, too]

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