April 13, 2006

Wagonboo: Coocaroo, Where Are You?


I'm still a Bugaboo believer--we're heading out on the town as soon as I finish posting this, in fact--but I can't fail to notice that there are times when we use the Cameleon as a glorified wheelbarrow. Every time we leave the house for The Drive (between DC and NYC), the kid walks or runs along while the Bug is inevitably full of luggage.

Then it all goes in the trunk. Unfortunately, the Bug has to go in first, with the luggage around it, so there's always a elaborate unpacking/packing scene at the curb (we usually park on the street in NYC). When people register that I'm pushing a mountain of luggage, and then that it's on a stroller, they usually make a frightened face until--whew--they realize the kid isn't buried alive under there.

So flipping it around completely, where could a brother get a sweet wagon for hauling gear and bags and stuff, one that could also haul a kid around in safety and comfort?

Did you guess Holland, too? Considering their prevalence of in the Dutch strollerscape, it should be no surprise that the Coocaroo Breeze shares some design DNA with the Bugaboo. Aluminum and foam frame, with rugged nylon and sweet all-terrain wheels. Fold-up convenience, which is key, because there's just not a lot of room left in our front hall, what with the Scion parked there and all... Sounds great, where do I get one?

Well... The Coocaroo was an Innovation Award finalist at last year's Kind+Jugend Euromegakidgearfair in Germany [see, in German, they just run a bunch of words together to make a new one, so I-- never mind.], but the website shows a company still in the very preliminary stages, full of promising features --but no specific information on pricing or availability.

Coocaroo Breeze, the collapsible, Bugaboo-like wagon is coming soon? [coocaroo.com via kidrepublic.nl's jan, whose notes from k+j are still providing some great finds]
Previously: Chatanooga man can't wait for Dutch wagon engineers, cooks one up himself


Can you tell what the bottom of the wagon is made of? It seems like the major flaw with the canvas wagons would be a canvas bottom - couldn't be too practical for kidlet-hauling. Wouldn't you want some sort of a hard surface underneath to better support things?

i've been wondering...what did you do with your bugaboo frog? i assumed you had a stroller for each home but from this post, i guess not.

[yeah, we thought the same thing, too, for a while, but then we decided to pass it on. -ed.]

Mark, I'd guess that it's the same as the Bug bassinet feature, a piece of plywood tethered to the bottom of the canvas. Just a guess. But I would think it's more than canvas.

i need me one of these. the freight wagon idea's time has come. tupperware or somebody makes a bunch of plastic wagons that are ugly as sin and don't fold so well, being giant slabs of tupperware plastic.
the guy who made his own from a john deere metal cargo wagon is smart but that thing weighs 900 lbs. give me a break. or a hernia.

any other ideas???


This is the best one: ulfBo

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