April 13, 2006

How Is This Amazon/Seventh Generation Deal Different From Every Other Amazon/Seventh Generation Deal?


Because you order a spare case of diapers for Elijah?

Actually, even though Amazon's running these Mountain-o-diapers sales on a near-monthly basis, there are little differences that add up.

This time around, Amazon's still offering a $30 gift certificate, which will be issued in June, and must be used on Amazon by July 26 [see complete details here], but they've dropped the mininum 7G order size to $99, barely two cases of chlorine-free diapers and some wipes.

And it looks like the list of qualifying 7G products is smaller than the last round, too. The offer ends April 30th, which is TOTALLY different from the last sale...which ended March 31st.

So the answer, then, is "It's so different, I'd need two seders to explain it all."

Order $99 of selected Seventh Generation products on Amazon, get a $30 Amazon gift certificate [amazon, via dt reader ryan]

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