April 13, 2006

Give Back The Van: Missouri Couple Fakes Sextuplets For Loot

sextuplet_hoax_gear.jpgTwo lessons to learn from the Missouri couple who claimed they were having sextuplets--hell, they claimed they had them, but had to put them in hiding in a NICU somewhere because some crazed family member wanted to kill them:

  • When local folk donate piles of gear, furniture, clothes, diapers, and a minivan to the overwhelmed families of multiples, they want to see some kids someday, maybe at a giant fish fry at the dealership, even, which gets on the local news. You've gotta have a plan for faking the existence of six kids, at least until all the statutes of limitations run out for every scam you perpetrate along the way.
  • Beggars/choosers and all that, but would it really be so hard to get people to contribute stuff that doesn't clash?

    On the other hand, it looks like instead of keeping all the loot they scammed in the boxes for easy eBaying, they actually unpacked it and set the little nurseries up. Classic.

    Missouri town learns sextuplet claim was a con
    [msnbc via tmn]

  • 1 Comment

    My guess is they sold everything that actually came in a box or had tags. What we see here was all home-made.

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