April 12, 2006

E-Class As E-Classy As Ever

So I'm reading along through the press release for the 2007 Mercedes E-Class, looking for anything that signals news... [not that newsworthiness is ever the sole criteria at Jalopnik, mind you]

... and frankly, the car looks and sounds almost indistinguishable from the current model. New bodywork is somehow "even more dynamic, poised and assured than before"? I confess I'm no princess, because I sure can't detect that pea; dynamism, poise and assuredness all read at 2006 levels to me.

The E320 TDI diesel gets an upgrade that improves fuel economy and cuts emissions...blah blah improved brakelights, smart headlights, something called the Neck-Pro, [wasn't that in the Sky Mall catalogue?] How's a brother supposed to even tell, much less care, whether a Merc is a 2007 or a 2006?

And that's just what Seal will be saying to himself as he drives home from Target in his E55 AMG Wagon, with his adorable children in the backseat. He'll bee thinking he's the king of the world right about now--and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a 514hp E63 AMG blows by him. And he realizes he better return those AOL guys' calls about another commercial.

Mercedes Reveals 2007 E-Class [jalopnik, looong, w/pix]
Ahh, remember when: Seal's Station Wagon Can Kick Your Station Wagon's Butt

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You know, I used to be a BMW-over-Mercedes-any-day type guy, but I have to say, Mercedes is quietly cranking out classic designs while BMW seems to get ever more fussy...

I was looking at a B-Class at the autoshow here last week, and thinking that $30k (CAD) is a little steep for what's essentially the equivalent of a Toyota Matrix with a peace symbol on the hood, but then again, it's bargain basement for a Mercedes, and the car looks (and probably drives) way nicer than anything else in its class... they've really nailed the design on a lot of their stuff as of late.

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