April 7, 2006

Michigan State U. Parent & Internet Study Wants YOU

MY research shows that approximately 100% of geeky folk musicians and backup singers from Michigan use the Internet to disseminate false imformation about their parenting status.

No doubt as an attempt to refute my study's devastating findings, researchers--OK, he's a grad student named Jeremy--at Michigan State University are seeking parents who are willing to share information about how they use the Internet. Here's what they say:

Parents, tell us how you use the Internet!!

Participate in a short, anonymous online survey about your use the Internet!

Investigators at Michigan State University are conducting a research study
to better understand how parents use the Internet as a parenting education
and resource tool. In this study you will be asked to complete a brief
questionnaire concerning how parents use the Internet, whether or not
parents think the Internet is a useful tool for parents, and how often
parents turn to the Internet in their role as parents.

Information from this survey will help investigators understand how the
Internet can be most useful to parents. There are 27 questions on the
survey, and we estimate it will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

To participate in this study please visit:

I'm going to complete the survey right now. You?

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