April 6, 2006

Michigan Musicians Mating: Sufjan Stevens & Rosie Thomas

From that paragon of parenting information online, Pitchfork, comes news that Michigan geek-folk-rocker Sufjan Stevens and ex-Sub Popper Rosie Thomas have announced a collaboration with "Philly singer-songwriter Denison Witmer.

"The trio shacked up at Suf-jeezy's pad in New York City for three days, ate junk food, had pillow fights, and wound up recording some Thomas-penned songs on Witmer's laptop. According to Witmer's blog, Rosie played classical guitar, Sufjan plucked banjo, and Denison rocked the electric. All three sang."

Yeah, and while Witmer went out for some sandwiches, Sufjan and Rosie hooked up. There's a baby on the way, but some touring and gigging to be completed first. If you like your banjo music sweet and all about Yoopers, this is your springtime of love, baby.

Sufjan Stevens + Rosie Thomas = New Album, Baby [pitchforkmedia.com via dt reader ryan]


Greg, do you mean Yoopers, as in residents of Michigan's Upper Penninsula? I listen to Sufjan and am unclear about what Youpies are.

[and I don't know much about Michigan, and I was unclear what Yoopers were called, obviously. I just changed it, thnx -ed.]

Okay, I don't normally do this, but this is just too flippin' weird:

One of my best friends from law school was a friend of Sufjan's at Hope College and I think was even in a crappy folk band with him there; my best friend from college used to date Rosie Thomas when they lived in Seattle.

There's got to be a way of getting invited to their shotgun wedding. maybe as the gay lover of one of my friends?

sorry dutch...looks like nobody will be holding a shotgun to sufjan's head anytime soon...

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