April 3, 2006

Yeah, And Paul Lynde Was Just A Close Friend

grohl_in_drag.jpgIsn't Dave Grohl's kid here yet? I guess not, because his hands definitely do not sound full. According to the authority on all things Foo, the Irish Examiner, Grohl's getting ready to write some kiddie songs on the piano his wife bought him.

""Just before my birthday, I sat down and started to figure out how to play piano, just by ear. I'm not f**king Liberace, but I'm figuring it out."

Fatherhood softens Grohl [irishexaminer.com]
Possible Dave Grohl lullaby titles [dadcentric]


am i "showing" my age if i admit that whenever i think of dave, the first thing that pops into my mind is scream and not any of those other, lesser bands he's been associated with?

[scream the movie? -ed,]

oh c'mon banging the drum? anyone? (admittedly, though that was before grohl stepped in ).

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