April 3, 2006

Gee, How'd I Miss This? Seed Of Chucky Trailer

Tagline: "Deliver us some evil" Now languishing on the bottom of a Neflix queue near you.

Seed of Chucky teaser [youtube]
Seed of Chucky Widescreen Edition DVD is $12.99 [amazon.com]
Or I could just come right out and ask you for 52 cents; tacky for me, but it does get you 87 minutes of your life back.

1 Comment

Having had an actual human fetus inside of me (woah!), I can't help but find any gratuitous use of ultrasound imagery patently offensive. Like those jalipeno ads for whatever fast food chain that were out not long ago. Eeeew.

I'm just glad I didn't work on THAT trailer!

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