April 3, 2006

Baby/Daddy Photos, flickr, And You. And Me.

Originally uploaded by moominmolly.
You may have noticed that I've added some photos to the sidebar on the main page of Daddy Types. Right now, it displays the latest additions to the "Fathers and Babies photo group, a snuggly cute bunch if ever there was one.

While I play around with flickr, I'm thinking it'd be cool to see your photos. You and your cutest kid in the world is good; your kid arcing a Greek Week-worthy projectile vomit through the air is better.

Showing off your cool baby gear is good; a step-by-step photo howto for making a Bugaboo cup holder out of a 120mm artillery shell is better.

Whatever you think will be of interest to new, expecting, and involved dads is good. Whatever you think will be interesting, useful, and unlikely to ever make its way onto a mommyblog is better. And if nothing comes immediately to mind, go get some pictures of you in your Ultraman Daddy helmet, pushing your stroller along the Harbor in HK.

If you'd like to see your [basically safe for work] photos and finds get some play on the site and with the daddy types out there, try throwing a "daddytypes" tag on them on flickr. When there are a few more tagged pictures than the four I posted like six months ago--a Beastie Boys stroller doodle, two annoying pink vs. blue screenshots from Pottery Barn, and our airport gear configuration--I'll start pulling them onto the site.

Any diehard flickr fans want to give advice or make suggestions, feel free.

Fathers and babies [flickr photo group]
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