April 2, 2006

Matrix-Lookin' Fleece Blanket Covered With Binary Code


The glowing green binary spells "BLANKET," but then, if you're seriously considering buying this 60x80" poly/acrylic fleece blanket or the matching throw pillows, you already knew that.

I don't think it'll match the ASCII rug, though, so you may have a difficult--dare I say it?--binary decision ahead of you. LOLOL.

I am such a dork.

The /dev/blanket is $39.99 at thinkgeek, if it's ever back in stock, that is. The /dev/pillows aren't as fleecy and go for $27/pr. Yes, their code spells "PILLOW." [thinkgeek.com]

1 Comment

I am trying to find someone who has one of these blankets new or in gently used condition for my little sister she has wanted one for a while and is in and out of the hospital with a chronic illness. The company thinkgeek has stopped carrying them.
If you know someone who has one that they would be willing to sell please email us as soon as possible we would be willing to pay you twice what you originally purchased it for. Please let us know if you can. Thanks.
Email us at: kittyscosmonaut@lycos.com

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